Puppy Preschool

As a pet owner, you need to be able to call the shots. Your puppy wants to please you, but do they know how? Are you giving them the right messages? We’ll help you to build a positive relationship. Meanwhile, your puppy learns to get on with other dogs, making it easy for you to enjoy outings and walks together. We believe in positive reinforcement, so you’ll both love the experience, and have fun!

The classes are designed for pups between 8 and 16 weeks of age. We run these on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8pm. The course typically consists of the following:

Week One
Puppy playtime, ‘Sit’, ‘Come’, Toilet training, Teaching independence, Socialisation

Week Two
Playtime, Progressing ‘Sit & Come’, Handling your puppy, ‘Lie down or drop’, Socialisation, Dealing with problems

Week Three
Progressing ‘Sit & Come & Lie Down’, Resource guarding, Dealing with aggression, Dogs & Children, Playtime

Week Four
Nipping & Biting, ‘Stay’, Progressing exercises, Playtime, Environmental enrichment, Graduation Ceremony

How can we help?

We offer a full range of veterinary services to keep your friend happy and healthy.

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