Digital Radiography

Digital radiology is an amazing tool which helps an experienced vet greatly. Our vets are able to quickly, precisely and accurately make a diagnosis and then proceed accordingly. A correct diagnosis is always paramount to a successful treatment. We can do the same for your dental issues. We can even detect some issues before they arise and cause a health problem. So if you have any concerns give us a call and we will do everything in our power to help.

This amazing equipment allows us to investigate your pet, without being to invasive. This often allows us to pinpoint issues faster and organise treatments will minimal exploratory surgery.

As well as the usual body x-rays, our practice uses digital radiology both for dental diagnosis. This allows your vet to understand the internal anatomy of your pets teeth and bone. An bonus to modern digital radiology systems is it emits less radiation than traditional radiology.

Digital Radiography

Our x-ray machine processes high quality x-rays within minutes, reducing stress for our patients and minimal handling. This enables us to diagnose a variety of diseases and injuries within minutes.


Diagnostic imaging allows us to take a peek inside your pet’s body to give us a better understanding about an illness. Most pets tolerate this procedure being done without the need for sedation. At Bexley Vets, we use the services of VIA, a highly skilled, travelling, specialist to perform our ultrasounds.

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